Hiking With Claire Heli Hike

About Claire

Welcome to Hiking with Claire! I’m passionate about hiking and deeply love the mountains that are
my home.

I call these beautiful peaks “God’s Cathedrals.” Whether exploring a forested trail, birdwatching, or
completing a challenging ascent, I know I’m right where I want to be. These are the same
experiences I want you to have!

I am a strong and supportive leader who believes in helping people find joy and adventure in the
outdoors. Your hike is custom tailored for your skills and interests. And your safety is my top priority
– if you want a balance of challenge and fun away from the crowds, you’ve come to the right place!

Hiking Packages

Challenge the very conception of what an adventure should be. With little effort you will be transported to a mountain top. To some stunning sights you can only see by helicopter. Most spectacular views aren’t from the bottom of the valley. Join us for this experience and you’ll swear you’ve stepped into paradise.

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